Life Update

February 2, 2013 — 10 Comments

The last 2 weeks have been wild for me.  I have been going like crazy, and haven’t been on-top of my posting duties.

I decided you deserve to know why.

So, put together this video to explain myself.

Todd Liles

Todd Liles

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I am Todd Liles, and this is my personal blog. It is focused on "Living Well." I follow Christ, I lead my family, and teach at Service Excellence Training. Get more of Todd on Google+.
  • Dan Black

    Thanks for the update. Don’t get down on yourself. We all go through busy sessions.

    • Todd Liles

      Thanks brother.

  • Joshua Rivers

    How can you dare slack off on the blog!? This is completely unacceptable! Not really. :)

    Definitely understand about being busy. Looking forward to seeing the new things you’re working on.

    • Todd Liles

      Thanks Josh!

      I appreciate the support. You can check out some of those new things here:

  • Tom Dixon

    Glad to see others get behind on posting!

    • Todd Liles

      Good to not be alone.  :-)

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  • Donna Jackson

    You are doing great! Just relax while you are preparing everything and do the best you can. Don’t go and have a stroke on me trying to kill your-self:))))))))))))) If you can do 2 blogs aweek with all you have going on I will give you and A+. You are doing a fantastic job and the others understand what you are going thur. I love, support and want you to keep your health intact.
    your greatest fan
    love mom 02-04-2013

    • Todd Liles

      Thanks Mom.  My health is the best it has been in a long time.  Don’t worry.  My TV watching is at an all time low.
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  • Lulu

    Oh my – you owe us neither an apology or explanation. It is your blog to do as you wish and we are your guests that enjoy your insights and sharing. Keep up the good work as you are able.

    • Todd Liles

      Thank you Lulu.  I do feel a responsibility to do the blog work.  And, I appreciate your kind support .
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