The SMART Approach to Goal Setting

October 17, 2012 — 7 Comments
The SMART Approach to Goal Setting is taken in part from the Management Training Series of Service Excellence Training.

SMART Goals.


Goals must be specific.  You can not be vague about what you wish to accomplish.  Vague goals have no power.


A goal should be measurable.  Only something that can be measured can be reflected on for accomplishment or failures.


A goal without action is a dream.  You must be able to work every day on your goal.


There are certain things that you will not do no matter how hard you work on your goal.  The bible says “raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not stray.”  At the same time, don’t be afraid to think really big!

Time bound.

All goals need to have a start and an end.  They need to be time bound.  When you take your measurements and combine them with your time, then you get motivated!


I now want to give you a few of my favorite quotes.

Pearls of Wisdom:

WinnersA winner is a rare person.

“Winners are so strange that we admire them deeply.  With very few exceptions winners have written goals.  It is almost impossible to accomplish something big without a written blueprint.” – Dave Ramsey.

Dreams.  Don’t lose the things that make you dream.

“Dreaming is a sign you have hope.  Dreaming is a sign you still think you can win.  Dreaming keeps you young.”  – Dave Ramsey

Visions.  A vision is when you take your dreams out of the clouds, and begin to really see them.

“Anyone can steer the ship, leaders chart the course.”  John Maxwell

Goals.  A goal is when you give your vision a job to complete.

“Only in the dictionary will you find success before work.” – Vince Lombardi.

Success is hard work.

“Setting goals is the part of the hard work that most people will not do, or do well.” – Todd Liles (I can quote myself.)

Life Balance.

“Life has to have balance.  When your life is in balance, all things run more smoothly.  If there is an area that is out of balance, then every time you come to that area it will be like battling a flat tire.”  – Zig Ziglar.

Here are the areas of life balance.  Zig Ziglar calls these the spokes on the:

Wheel of Life:  Career, Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Family, and Social.

Question:  How are you intentional with your goal setting?

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