CrossFit is the newest fitness craze to hit the health community. There are a lot of myths about the sport. Some of these myths glorify, some vilify, and some are flat out true.

I joined a CrossFit gym about 5 weeks ago. In this post, I want to bust and confirm some of the myths with my own experience. I will start with the true myths.

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This Podcast Features 2 amazing bloggers, and my friends:

1. Dan Black
2. Matt McWilliams
Both blog on Leadership, and Personal Development.

We came together to loosely discuss the concepts of “Making Art.” The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin in the book that we used as a stepping stone to start this conversation.

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It sounds good to say things like,

I love to help other people.  Giving is one of my favorite things to do.

Todd Liles and Kenny Chapman

Todd Liles and Kenny Chapman

But, when the rubber hits the road, how many people actually do it?  How may people would actually help their own competition?

I think people are selective when it comes to their help.  And that most people are more geared to their own self interests.  I fall into the category of most people.

However, I’m working on changing.  I took a very big step last Thursday.  I had the opportunity to give help to a person whose business is a competitor.

We were both speaking at a convention for Residential Contractors.  We are also both trainers.  On Thursday, he was giving a keynote presentation.  I had given mine on Tuesday.

I recorded my presentation with my sound gear.  The gear is fairly costly.  And, I know a lot of presenters that don’t capture their presentations.  It is good to capture these moments for reflection, and distribution.  You can listen to my presentation HERE. 

In my heart, I knew it would be the right thing to offer Kenny to record his presentation.  He accepted.  And, honestly.  He nailed it.  He did a great job laying down fundamental truths.

His presentation will now serve in a couple of ways:

  1. Beliefs:  It will be a highlight of his beliefs.
  2. Help:  This will serve those who couldn’t make it to the presentation
  3. Correct:  He can make adjustments.

In addition to the above items, offering the help also did a couple of other things:

  1. Relationship Builder:  It strengthened the trust between Kenny and I.
  2. Fear Remover:  It was an opportunity for me to Punch a Fear in the Face.
  3. Door Opener:  There will be joined adventures for Kenny and I in the future.
  4. Podcast Material:  His presentation will make an awesome podcast on my company site.

Offering to record Kenny’s presentation wasn’t necessary.  He didn’t ask me to do it.  And, there was no immediate benefit in it for me.  But, I knew in my heart that helping Kenny was the right thing to do.

Question:  Have you ever helped your competition?

You need to be brave to be an artist. And, most of us have been running away from our art.

Art is not only paint brushes and clay. Art is the original work of your life. It is the work that you must do, or, you die on the inside.

Deep down, we are all artist.

I don’t have to explain it to you. You know when you are creating art, because . . .

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Life Update

February 2, 2013 — 10 Comments

The last 2 weeks have been wild for me.  I have been going like crazy, and haven’t been on-top of my posting duties.

I decided you deserve to know why.

So, I put together this video to explain myself.

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